Imran Rana

Shaping the world we live in through technology and real estate


Imran Rana

Imran Rana is a Canadian born entrepreneur and businessman who has founded and invested in several successful companies in the fields of technology, marketing, real estate and finance.

Imran Rana Quote

"What we think, do, say and create has to have its root in love and be mindful of everything around us and within us, like a linked chain, for all time."

- Imran Rana



Residential & Commercial

Real Estate

Whether you’re buying, selling or building real estate, Imran and his teams, who have decades of extensive experience, will guide you every step of the way ensuring a smooth and seamless process. From gaining access to new construction projects, resale, rentals, investments, renovations, landscaping, custom homes and major developments, Imran and his teams can help you do it right.